Why should you trust our ghostwriters?

We hire only qualified ghostwriters from accredited academic institutions. Our recruitment process is extremely selective. We hire less than 10% of all applicants. It sounds easy to be choosy, but it means that we have to make many very hard “no” decisions for every “yes”.

How do we do it? We use a very thorough and intense hiring process to make sure that we only do the best. Look below to see a few steps from our hiring process:

  • Ghostwriter seven
  • Check CVs
  • Example work request
  • phone interview
  • Ghostwriter – Orientation
  • training

Each of our trained professionals must have received MA or Ph.D to apply for a position with us. Having demonstrated their high level of education, they will need to undergo several written tests and customer service training to help us maximize customer satisfaction. These restrictions help us choose the best candidates and help us to get a more than 95% positive rating.

Our ghostwriters have their own subject areas (based on their degrees) and each of them will do a satisfying job that will please you and your professor. After talking to our writers, they always tell us that the tasks are pretty simple. In fact, most tasks are almost effortless thanks to the decades of experience of our professional team.

How do you write a term paper?

For a scientific paper a well-structured content in a factual and informative writing style is expected. It usually covers between ten and twenty pages. The information from the literature should balance with your own ideas and thoughts. The term paper consists of:

  • title page
  • contents
  • introduction
  • Bulk
  • summary
  • bibliography
  • attachment

The term paper is very similar to the bachelor thesis, since it is also about laying down a scientific topic in writing and above all independently

What requirements are there for the content of the term paper?

If the topic is not specified for the term paper, then the topic finding is connected with a larger expenditure of time. So it is definitely worthwhile to deal with this factor during your studies. However, inspiration can also be found by looking at the content indexes of corresponding textbooks or by looking online for a suitable topic. However, the topic needs to be narrowed down, because you can not cover all areas of a particular topic. It should therefore be relevant and underlined in the term paper with current events and facts. The selected question must be clearly visible and not hidden behind unnecessary and boring phrases.

The actual structure of the term paper consists of the introduction, the theory and the corresponding analysis methods, the results, as well as possibly existing or relevant discussions.

The introduction of the paper is mainly about introducing the reader to the chosen topic. The problem is described briefly and the own motives for the topic are shown. The actual objective should also be mentioned in the introduction, so that afterwards the structure of the term paper can be described much better.

The main part of the term paper consists of the theory, the selected methods, analyzes, results and the own made insights. So here the question is worked on and answered exactly. It is important to pay attention to subject-specific terms, which in many cases still have to be defined, so that they are still easy to understand for laymen in this area of ​​responsibility. So it is necessary to have a really accurate idea of ​​what the chosen terms mean. Thinking is essential in the writing of the term paper. It is by no means advisable to accept all information uncritically. Only content that really matters to your topic should be selected. For this purpose, various sources of research are necessary. In order to be able to answer the question of term paper in the main body, one is not only dependent on the evaluation of the literature, but also on one’s own arguments and results. If necessary, various approaches in theory can be described if they are of interest to the research question.

The end of the term paper is the final answer, as well as the short summary of the selected question. It should fit in with the introduction and should by no means contain new arguments or facts. The last part of the term paper should make up about 10% of the total work. It can be ended with the formulation from its own point of view or, if necessary, also with an outlook on future aspects to be examined, which could be very well suited for the bachelor thesis, for example.

The bibliography and source list is also essential for the term paper, as well as the declaration of independence with a handwritten signature. The order for the finished term paper is thus composed of the title page, the main text, the bibliography, as well as the affidavit at the end.

Which aspects should be considered otherwise?

In any case, before writing the term paper, it must be clear in what format it should be designed, either in APA or in MLA format. It may be worth asking the lecturers if you should write in the third person or not. For the research, it is necessary to know how many sources of literature are expected at all, thereby saving important time in advance. It may be the case that there are sources that are not accepted for term paper, which may be the case with Wikipedia, for example. Apart from the number of pages, it is also important to note the recommendations for the design of the margins.

The first step to doing the necessary research is not easy, either because you can not find the right sources of information or there are just too many. In order to find suitable material, it is worthwhile first to look for topic popes. This refers to authors who have already published several articles or books with regard to our question. It is worthwhile to narrow down the search by looking for material, which fits exactly to the topic. It is obvious that renowned authors or publications are more advisable than unknown sources. Appropriate material should be noted immediately so that you do not waste time writing the main paper or you do not find the information and quotes you need.

How long does it take to do a term paper?

A good term paper can be written in four weeks, if you have the time. There are many students who can finish their essay in three days and get top scores. However, it is also clear that there is not always enough motivation to do this, and that, of course, writer’s blocks also play an important role. As a rule, the professors already provide useful information regarding the term paper during the seminars. Writer blockades can be overwhelmed with some goodwill and discipline, even if you have set a schedule for the term paper.

What are the typical mistakes of a term paper?

Many students choose an unsuitable topic due to time constraints or lack of interest. It is necessary that one is really interested in the chosen matter, otherwise at the latest at the main part of the lack of enthusiasm immediately noticeable. It can be worthwhile to discuss the topic with the responsible supervisor and to get good recommendations in this regard. By the way, it is also advisable to ask yourself if you are even able to work on the chosen topic during this period.

Even the best schedule is of no use if there are no clearances or buffers in it. You have to be aware that in principle NEVER goes according to our plan or wishes. Unfortunately, there is always something unforeseen in between, especially for important works. A bad timing can therefore lead to lack of results. In the timetable, it is necessary to pay attention to the self-imposed deadline for fine tuning, as well as to the proofreading. By the way, typical mistakes are also missing analyzes and only pure descriptions of the literature sources.

What’s up with plagiarism?

Plagiarism in chores is very common. It is logical that it is based on the achievements or works of others. Bibliographical references and footnotes. If texts or ideas are simply labeled, then this is a plagiarism. The plagiarism check is just as important as the proofreading. It may be worthwhile contacting an agency or seeking the help of third parties. It is imperative that no mistakes in term paper are overlooked.